Free Performance by Ishi

No Money, No Problem: Popular local dance, pop and folk band Ishi will be performing a free show at Renfield’s Corner tonight. Have a drink on the venue's new patio, then head inside to move to these beats. 9 p.m.

Off the Court: Elm Street Tattoo owner Oliver Peck will be hosting another Good Luck Karaoke night with Josh Hammertimez at the Billiard Bar. Tonight’s theme is C$ntry Club: Golf Pros and Tennis H$s. You are encouraged to dress in your finest tennis attire. Free. 10:30 p.m.

Don't Turn the Lights On: Erykah Badu is performing a live DJ set at the grand opening of Rio Room. The queen of neo soul will warm the decks up for the lovers' funk duo Chromeo, made up of Dave 1 (A-Trak's older brother) and P-Thugg. Reserve a table via 10:30 p.m.

Going out can be a gamble, so why leave it up to chance? Stack the deck every afternoon by peeping Play's Dance Card.

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