Free Food for You and the Horse You Rode In On

It's that time of year, the weather is dreary and that means the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is about to open.

The show begins Friday, but one Fort Worth restaurant is catering to cowboys.

Ruffino's Restaurant on Forest Park Blvd is serving up a free steaming bowl of stew, but there's a catch, you have to ride in on your horse to the restaurant.

Chef Asdren Albanese is not only feeding the cowboy and his horse, he's also giving away the recipe to his Stock Show Stew.

The stew is served over squash cornbread and Chef Asdren said he'll share that recipe when you come to the restaurant.

We checked out Ruffino's Web site and we have to believe it's worth signing up for the restaurant's newsletter.

Each month the chef shares one of his recipes


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