Free Downward Facing Dog This Saturday

Couch potatoes, if you aren't sure what a Revolved Camel or a Bridge on the Head is then this might be the perfect time for you to stretch your body and mind by taking advantage of Free Yoga Day.

According to, 12 North Texas studios and Yoga Centers will be offering free Yoga sessions on Saturday as part of Yoga Day USA -- an attempt to improve the community and change lives through Yoga.

In the spirit of karma, all classes are free to anyone who wishes to take part -- though in some cases donations are appreciated.

Yoga Day USA was created by Yoga Alliance, a supervisory board who sets the standards for Yoga instructors.  All sessions that are part of Yoga Day are led by certified instructors.

What do you have to lose?  You are likely already halfway to your first yoga position already.  So get out of that near Half Lotus and find your way to a session near you.

Read more about Yoga Day online:

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