Free Crab Classic at Tom Thumb

OMG! Today is a day for FREE stuff! And it's all been petty terrific free stuff, too!

Wowzers! (Yes, I really talk this way)

From now until April 13th, you can score a FREE 12 oz. package of Trans Ocean Crab Classic at Tom Thumb! If you're confused - Crab Classic is imitation crabmeat. It's a great substitute if you're using it for a dish - my husband even eats it raw, right out of the container. I'm a little more picky about the preparation myself...

Crab Classic 99¢ (w/ in-ad coupon)
*Limit 2 per transaction & per coupon
- Use $1/1 MQ coupon from here
- Use 99¢ in-ad coupon from the weekly ad
= FREE + 1¢ overage

Be sure to buy something to eat that 1¢ overage - cashiers do not look fondly on us couponers when the register asks them to pay US for a purchase.

And be sure to use the in-ad coupon LAST, otherwise you may have issues with the MQ coupon.

Now...what to do with Crab Classic - I have the ultimate solution...CEVICHE!

If you're not familiar with it, ceviche is a Latin/Mexican/Spanish dish that is wonderful (in my personal opinion). Recipes differ - some include olive oil and other types of fish including shrimp or scallops. My mom makes the tastiest version I've experienced so I'm happy to say I've learned from the very best!

Here's Mom's recipe for the best ceviche ever:


1 package of imitation crab

3-5 limes (I LOVE limes so I use all 5!)

1 Large Tomato

1 Bunch of Cilantro

1 Medium Onion

Salt to Taste

Dice all the ingredients above (minus the limes) and combine. Squeeze lime juice over the mixture. Salt to taste and you're done! I serve mine with crackers or tortilla chips. Terrific summer cuisine that requires no cooking and is super yummy! And its very low in calories so none of that I-Feel-So-Guilty-For-Eating-This stuff!


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