Free Sunday Papers?

Dear Couponing Friends,

I'm writing you from Fairhope, Alabama (more specifically - Point Clear, Alabama, although I'm uncertain about why it's called 2 names). It's a balmy 96 degrees out and I swear to you that the humidity has to be at 150%. I have the frizzy hair to prove it.

I'm travelling for work, but you know I'm still scouting out some deals. I visit Alabama several times a year and I rarely coupon here. You see, in the great state of Texas - we pay tax on the final price of what we purchase...after discounts, store coupons, and manufacturer's coupons. Not so much in Alabama. Here - you pay tax on the price BEFORE coupons...which means more money out of pocket - and you know I'm not havin' that!

Ok - back to the point I was beginning to make. I'm at a hotel and I happened to notice an extra Sunday paper lying around - a FAT Sunday paper (this makes my heart start to race & my palms get all sweaty - I know, I need help.) I checked it out & sure enough, it had 2 RP's, a SS, and a P&G! Woohoo! GOLD!

Of course, I couldn't stop there. I got to thinkin'....(picture me thinkin' in a deep Alabama southern accent. It's fun. Work with me.)

And it occurred to me, what if there are MORE of those extra papers hangin' out somewhere around here? I called the front desk & they connected me to the concierge desk that confirmed - yes - they had several extra papers they would be happy to bring to my room. Free papers? Room service? I am on my way to buy a lotto ticket now!

The nicest bellman ever brings me 14 papers...chock full of coupons. He's so sweet, he offers to do the same tomorrow night, explaining that all the extra papers are thrown out the following morning. I explained that while I very much appreciated his southern hospitality (are you reading this with a deep accent? You should be, it's much more fun that way), that I only needed the Sunday paper because the Monday paper was boring.

He completely understood. I'm good like that.

So now I have 14 extra sets of coupons AND the Smart Source has the BOGO BIC coupons and the BOGO Pledge coupons....2 coupons my paper at home did NOT have. PLUS I noticed that the Philadelphia cream cheese coupon is 50¢ in this paper which will double to $1 at most grocery stores. The one from home was 55¢...I strongly dislike 55¢ coupons.

So, the point of all this is to check with your local hotel to see if they, too, have extra Sunday papers they throw out. Think of it as you doing the charitable thing by helping that poor paper find a home before its rudely discarded like...well, yesterday's paper.

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