Four Winds Brands Quality in Wills Point

Bread Pudding cooked to perfection

Traveling to Four Winds Steakhouse in Wills Point is to dine at a comfortable ranch removed from the life you’ll return to.

“The ranch is Four Winds Ranch that was the name that was here. We wanted to keep the name for the steakhouse. This structure right here was originally built by Leroy and Biddie Jordan the ex-Cowboy player,” said Four Winds Owner & Chef Frank Rumore. Rumore is living his lifetime dream.

“I started in the business about 30 years ago. In New Orleans -- that’s where I am from originally. My uncle started Del Frisco’s Steakhouse so I worked with him for about 15 years,” said Rumore.

When, suddenly, the house that now is home to the restaurant was offered to him.

“Then this opportunity arose. My sister in-law’s in-laws bought the property and gave me a proposition to open the restaurant,” said Rumore. Rumore decided on opening a steakhouse.

“We do steak and seafood, but we try and get the best possible quality we can. All of our beef was choice from the Midwest. It’s hand selected and aged before. We cut everything to order,” Rumore said.

Like the 26oz bone in rib eye with Brandy Peppercorn sauce. It’s cooked in a Montague Broiler that burns at 1500 degrees with an overhead flame.

“We buy really good fish. A lot of the stuff is dayboat caught. It’s only been out of the water a few days,” said Rumore.

One of those fresh options is the Nova Scotian Halibut with basil oil and roasted red pepper coulis and sautéed Israeli Cous Cous.

If you’re looking for the perfect wine to pair with your dinner, you’ve got many local choices.

“Most of our wine list is boutique wineries. Which there are maybe only 1500-3000 cases produced a year, and I thought it was something that really tied in with what we’re doing with the food. Just trying, you know, to put good quality at a good value and give great service,” said Rumore.

To finish your evening, there’s the homemade bread pudding made with Granny Smith Apples, nutmeg, cinnamon, heavy cream, eggs, sugar and golden raisins.

“It’s really important to us to take great care and treat our guests as though they are guests in our home,” said Rumore.

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