Corralling History at the Fort Worth Stockyards

Cattle drive preserves local history

At the Fort Worth Stockyards, you'll find cowboys corralling history.

Drover Brandon Randle helps coordinate the cattle drive. It’s a staple of Fort Worth’s history. "We take those longhorns down the street and loop around the exchange," Randle explains.

The drive is similar to how it used to be done. Cowboys and cowgirls herd 16 longhorns twice a day for Stockyard visitors to witness -- once at 11:30 in the morning and again at four in the afternoon. Sometimes the crowd grows to thousands.

Sean Adamson spends most of his time in California, but came back to the state he grew up in to show his very young daughter the Texas lifestyle. "It was awesome!," he told us after witnessing a cattle drive.

Randle says he’s often amazed by the audiences’ awe. "They're not used to seeing the longhorn, not used to seeing the horses going up and down the road. They wonder about the traffic bothering the horses a lot."

But it’s all in a day’s work for him and his colleague Rocky Roney, who loves showcasing the cattle drive as well as other western skills like whipping and branding.

Trail Boss Kristin Jaworski notes it’s all to make sure Fort Worth’s past stays branded in its future.

"We do this to hold on to that western heritage and to preserve the historic district that we reside in," she explained.

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