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Fort Worth Officer Testifies About Being Shot Six Times

Shooter's son on trial in Tarrant County

A Fort Worth police officer shot six times in the line of duty testified Wednesday in the trial of the shooter’s son.

Officer Matt Pearce recalled the day he was shot at the end of a chase in March 2016.

Prosecutors acknowledge the man on trial, Ed McIver Junior, did not fire a shot. His father did.

But the younger McIver is charged with hindering apprehension, evading arrest, and tampering with evidence.

The chase through west Fort Worth was captured on video and played for the jury.

Ed McIver Junior was in the passenger seat of a Ford Escape driven by his father.

Both jumped out and ran into a wooded area of west Fort Worth.

Pearce talked about how he was shot six times.

"Twice in the leg, twice in the arm, once in the face and once in the back," he said.

Other officers gave him first aid at the scene and saved his life.

Officer James Minter testified he was first to help Pearce.

"I tried give him as much medical attention as I could,” Minter said. “I cut off his vest, I cut off his shirt and I did what I could until everybody could get to where we were because you couldn't find where we were."

Minter had to take a month off work because of the mental trauma.

Pearce has lasting injuries.

"My left leg is a quarter inch shorter than my right leg because of a broken femur,” he told the jury. “I can't feel these four fingers in my hand anymore. I have paralysis in the side of my face."

He was in the hospital for 53 days before he finally went home.

It took him nearly two years to return to duty.

Defense lawyers argue it was the father who committed the crime. The younger McGiver, they said, had no control over what happened.

But Prosecutors point to the video that shows he was first to jump out of the car at the end of the chase and ran into the woods with two guns.

Testimony continues Thursday.

McIver faces up to 20 years in prison.

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