Foreclosures Jump Across North Texas

55,516 properties listed for foreclosure in 2008.

The number of foreclosures in jumped 18% in North Texas in 2008.

The Foreclosure Listing Service reports 55,516 properties were listed for foreclosure this year compared to 47,164 last year.

The highest gain was a 28% surge in residential foreclosure posting activity in Denton County with home postings reaching 5,455 notices filed for all of 2008," said George Roddy, senior president of Foreclosure Listing Service.

The second highest increase was a 25% gain in Rockwall County, which had 910 postings filed on homes this year.

Also experiencing a gain of 20% or more, Parker County residential posting activity jumped 24% this year with 593 postings filed on homes.

In Collin County, home postings rose 23% reaching 6,211 for all of this year.

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