Foreclosure Looms For Fort Worth's Ridglea Theater

Hard rock venue faces fourth brush with foreclosure in two years

Fort Worth's Ridglea Theater faces foreclosure for the fourth time in two years.

R.K. Maulsby Trust has owned the Ridglea for 18 years, but would lose the property to a Dallas lender FixFunding, which loaned the trust $1.1 million to pay back a California-based bank.

The property is scheduled to be sold at auction on August 4 if a deal is not arranged, according to a report in the Star-Telegram.

Hard rock and metal acts have frequently been featured at the Ridglea -- bands like No Justice and Absu are still on the theater's bill for shows after the scheduled auction date -- which makes us wonder where they'll end up playing if the historic theater has a sudden ownership change.

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