Food Trucks Could Roll Into Denton

Denton City Council considering a new food ordinance

Denton wants to jump on the food truck bandwagon.

The City Council is considering an ordinance that would allow mobile food vendors to set up shop in Denton. The city currently has regulations in place that restrict mobile food vendors.

"What the current ordinance does is limits them to a couple of events a year," Mayor Mark Burroughs said.

Burroughs said the City Council is considering a new food ordinance that would ease regulations on food trucks and allow them to operate in the city.

"Frankly, eating outdoors and going to mobile food carts or having a venue where there are multiple choices in one small area, that's fun. There's something vibrant about that," Burroughs said.

Armand Kohandani wants to steer his father's family-operated restaurant Mi Casita in a new direction and take it to the streets with a mobile food truck.

"I've been to other cities where food trucks have operated, and I've always loved the culture surrounding them, so that's what was the main drive," he said.

While food trucks have a lot of support, some established restaurants in Denton said they are concerned that the mobile units would take away business.

"Trying to address that is not easy," Burroughs said.

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