Food Network Showcases 5-Star Gas Station Eats

Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is showcasing our favorite five-star eatery/gas station, the Chef Point Cafe.

Host Guy Fieri was at the gourmet gas station in January to shoot footage for Monday's edition of the show, which featured the cafe's dishes, such as lobster bisque and escargot.

A crowd at Chef Point Cafe cheered and clapped during the program and devoured owner and head chef Franson Nwaeze's cuisine.

Some 75 guests were treated to a private party and airing of the program via a 75-inch flatscreen TV and a portable satellite dish in the parking lot.

Nwaeze said he was thrilled and appreciative of exposure on the Food Network, even if took "take after take."

But the four-plus stories he's done with NBCDFW's Brett Johnson?

"You were easy," he said.

Johnson was at the Watuaga fill-up site in February when the Chef Point was offering a Valentine's Day special. Check out his video report on the unique location on the left.

Congratulations to Chef Point Cafe!

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