Food, Drink and Furniture in One Store

It's a grocery store with a produce section, a deli and a furniture department.

Kroger launched it's first Marketplace store in North Texas in Frisco. The concept is a "one stop shopping experience" that company officials hope customers will enjoy.

The store has the traditional grocery store sections, but has a bigger health and beauty section, as well as a larger organic and natural food section. It also has a furniture department, with chairs, tables and cabinets.

Kroger officials said the stores will be set in growing, affluent suburbs, to serve areas with growing families.

Norma Jones of McKinney said the Marketplace reminds her of an old general store with everything customers need.

"Go one place, get what you need." Jones said. "Save my gasoline, save driving -- which is a real drag, I mean with the traffic and everything -- so no, I like it."

The Kroger Marketplace stores will also feature prepared dinners for on the go families. That's something Lindsay Saenz said she'll take advantage of.

"I really just came here to look. But just the concept of grocery store and furniture and everything, I just thought, it was a one stop." said Saenz

Kroger officials said they plan on opening 3 more Marketplaces in North Texas: Little Elm, North Fort Worth near Alliance Airport and Mansfield.

They also told NBCDFW, the company will open a smaller grocery store on Central Expressway near Haskell Avenue, near downtown Dallas, that will feature prepared dinners and a small grocery store.

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