Five Rules: Miss Patti le Plae Safe

Beauty tips from a Dallas icon

The title of Miss Gay America 1995 was just the beginning for Patti Le Plae Safe.  The outspoken bombshell went on to perform for audiences across the country and landed a gig hosting the uber-popular monthly Gay Bingo show and benefit at the Rose Room here in Big D.  …Not bad for a small-town boy from Arkansas, huh?

We caught up with Miss Patti to get a few of her insider beauty tricks, and we quickly learned why this lady isn’t known as the shy, silent type.

Five Rules for Glamour Girls

1.  “Get plenty of sleep.”
Miss Patti reminds us that “Sleep is our body's best defense against aging.”  On the rare (or not so rare) occasion that you do end up greeting the sunrise with a fifth glass of champagne, be sure and drink lots of extra water the next day and get plenty of rest the following night.

2.  “Use airbrush make-up for an amazing, flawless finish.”
“I discovered airbrush makeup by Sally Hansen totally by accident,” Patti explains. “It is great-looking, easy and fast – and so inexpensive!”  You can find her new fave for $9.99 and up at Walgreens and Ulta.

3.  “Make your money count by splurging on amazing shoes!”
They don’t call her a diva for nothin’.  Patti knows there’s nothing sexier than a great pair of stiletto heels or strappy sandals.  A high-quality pair of amazing shoes will last a lifetime, so it’s a great place to plan for “investment” pieces in your wardrobe.  But even if it’s a jeans-and-sneakers kind of day, Patti isn’t gonna cut you any slack:  “Don't be caught in nasty shoes like those rubber Crocs or anything chunky or clunky!”

4.  “Whoever created French manicured toes was way off.”
Okay, this one’s more of an opinion than a rule, but when the lady talks, we listen.  “French manicured toes are not sexy at all,” according to Patti.  “What hot-and-sexy man will kiss toes with nails that long?”  Um, we don’t have an answer for that.  ‘Nuf said.

5.  “Take 10 seconds for mascara and lip gloss.”
Patti deems this pair indispensible, even on days when you don’t have time for anything else.  She recommends Matrix Lip Shine (available at Sephora) and Maybelline Great Lash waterproof mascara for those of us who can pull of the less-is-more look.  “Me on the other hand,” she explains, “I have to use Krylon and Bondo to look like I do!”  …But that’s another story altogether.


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