Five Rules: The Eagle's Angela Chase

Follow these five expert tips to make a fantastic first impression

Angela Chase can make an entrance.  As the host of the Loud and Local Show on 97.1 The Eagle, Chase spends Monday nights putting together an hour of Dallas’ best local rock for her loyal listeners.  The other six nights of the week she’s making appearances around town, meeting and greeting fans, hosting events and otherwise scoping the scene.
Over the course of her career in radio and her time as a Dallas Stars Ice Girl, this local celeb learned a thing or two about looking her best on a moment’s notice (and often on a shoestring, too).  Today she’ll share a few of her secrets with us - as long as we promise to tune in to The Eagle every Monday at 11 p.m. in return!

Five Rules for Making an Entrance

1.  “Smile, dammit!”
Chase’s first rule is a must.  “Look accessible,” she urges.  A smile is free and easy and will instantly put a crowd (or a roomful of friends) at ease.
2.  “Build your look from the bottom up.”
Chase’s style is equal parts hard rock and city chic, and it always starts with a pair of drool-worthy, show-stopping, sky-high heels.  Animal print, metallics, patent leather and studs are all fair game, and Chase highly recommends investing in high-quality kicks (save the bargain tennies for your day off).

3.  “Denim goes with everything.”
To expand on her #2 tip, Chase points out that a great pair of jeans can accentuate your, um, assets.  She loves the Flynt with Tribal Studs by 7 For All Mankind and will often pair ‘em with nothing more than a $20 top (and the aforementioned awesome heels).

4.  “Slather on the butter.”
Glowing skin is key when you spend hours under a spotlight – and it’s kinda nice for us regular folks, too.  To that end, Chase is never without a pot of Wild Cherry Body Butter from The Body Shop.  “I have a big thing for fragrance,” she says, noting that she’ll switch up the scent in cooler months to something a little spicier.

5.  “Once you go blonde, you’ll never go back.”
Chase gushes, “I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but ever since I went blonde, my career took off.  Coincidence?”  Whether you opt for a fresh set of ‘lights or all-out, all-over color, nothing glitters like gold.  …But do blondes have more fun?  You be the judge of that.

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