Five Rules: Les Christianson of saLon

Follow our five rules and you'll be ready to find your dream 'dresser

Les Christianson has been thangin’ hair for going on 30 years. He’s seen it all, from perms and mall bangs (yikes) to mohawks, faux-hawks and the Posh Spice.  Now, at saLon on Herschel Avenue in Highland Park, he’s playing by his own rules at his own place.

Speaking of rules, we managed to track Christianson down between appointments to get his Five Rules for Choosing a Stylist. Follow his expert advice and you’ll be on your way to hair heaven in no time.

Five Rules -- For Choosing a Stylist

1. “Ask people whose hair you admire for the name of their stylist.”
This rule is number one for a reason.  Like all artists, each hairdresser has his or her own unique style.  Keep your eyes peeled at work, at the grocery store – anywhere, really – and don’t be shy to ask for recommendations from folks with locks you love.

2. “A stylist should take lots of time to consult.”
Every great hair appointment starts with a conversation.  Christianson points out that a real pro will take into account your job, personality, schedule and more when deciding which look is just right for you. 

3. “He or she should be willing to change – not stuck in a rut.”
Does your stylist still have feathered disco wings or (gasp) a mullet?  While it may not be as obvious as these two examples, you’ll still want to be on the lookout for a hairdresser who hangs on too tightly to the past.  Whether you want to change your color or just cut bangs, he or she should definitely be willing to discuss it.

4.    “Your stylist should be personable.”
OK, this one might seem like a “no brainer”, but we’ve all found ourselves trapped in the chair while a stylist answers a dozen cell phone calls or offers up an endless stream of unwanted advice.  Christianson advises taking this red flag as your cue to find someone new.

5.    “Product is key.”
Christianson believes that great products are essential to maintaining the looks he creates for his clients.  “I use Framesi color and support it with the Framesi product line,” he explains.  You’ll get the most out of every visit by taking your stylist’s product recommendations to heart, but Christianson also warns, “One thing to watch out for is a different product line every time you see your hairdresser. It's confusing and unprofessional.”

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