Five Haute Tips With The Runway Diaries

Lindsey Burris, editor and owner of savvy blog The Runway Diaries, took a few minutes to chat with us this week between hectic modeling bookings; she dished on her favorite hot toddy in town, her closet staples, and holiday style tips to help you look haute during Dallas' most festive season. She'll have you looking runway ready in real life in no time at all.

The Runway Diaries is all about simple, realistic ways to look and feel your prettiest, all runway-inspired of course; what are the top five things a girl can do right this second to look holiday hot? "That's easy for me to answer because I've been planning ahead for my own holidays; I've got several good, and more importantly free, things I plan on doing for myself so I'll happily share."

1) Sparkle is always a fair play during the holiday seasons. Don't over do it though-- stick to one bling item and own it!
2) When packing for those holiday trips, concentrate on one staple color (black, brown, or blue) and build from there. You'll be amazed at how light your suitcase is when you can leave your black boots and purse at home.  
3) Play up texture and volume throughout your hair styles. A wavy set of locks looks fabulous for "haven't seen you in years" photo-ops, and can be thrown back with a few pins when it's time to grub down and party!
4) Before you go out, take a quick polaroid of yourself. You don't want to find out that your dress is a bit too sheer with flash photography after the damage is already done.
5) Be comfortable and confident! Nothing shows on your face more than an uneasy demeanor. Dress, talk, and act in your most comfortable way and confidence will exude. Ever hear yourself say, "How in the world did she pull that off?!" Most likely it was attributed to confidence.

Any scary runway or fashion moments that you think of as cautionary tales for yourself and your readers? Thankfully, I don't have many horrifying experiences on the runway. However, at the Chanel Holiday show last spring, my finale strapless dress was entirely too long (even with 6in heels!) and too big. I had a hard time figuring out how to hold up the bodice and skirt at the same time. Eventually I resorted to a first ever elbow-hold and skirt-lift combo, but it was iffy!

What's dominating your wardrobe right now, what are you putting on constantly? Right now my closet is filled with hangers and hangers of shift dresses. I love pairing them with opaque tights and ankle booties for the holidays. They are easy to throw on and have plenty of room for turkey! This season I'm determined to pair a sheer shirt over a beautifully encrusted bustier. But if that doesn't come together, Oscar de la Renta's perfectly formed dresses always please.

Any favorite Dallas hot spots you've discovered lately? My favorite place to be in Dallas this season is anywhere outside. The Belmont Hotel's BarBelmont is one of my favorites  for a hot toddy on a cool fall night. Make sure you visit the pool area to discover one of Dallas' greatest skyline views.

In your life, whose style to you admire most? I look up to anyone who dresses for themselves. Regardless of what is "in style" at the time, I believe you will always look fabulous when you wear something that screams your name... or whispers in some cases... but it has to be all about you!

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