Fishy Picks for Lenten Fridays

For Christains during Lent, Fridays can be a real chore if your denomination goes meat-free. Luckily, we feel your fish finding angst and are ready to showcase some top local picks besides Long John Silvers or Joe's Crab Shack.

Dallas Fish Market
1501 Main St. Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 744-3474

This fine dining classic is one place to really wine and dine your fellow fish feasters. Their Wine Lounge has 24 wines on tap for easy, delicious tastings and the weekly changing menu gaurentees the best fresh fish, steaks, and local produce.

The Flying Fish
Mulitple Locations

Born out of a love for Texas fish and places like Caddo Lake, The Flying Fish is considered a "fast casual" dining experience. Customers not only dine on fresh fish, they can also brag about their own catch of the day. The "Liar's Wall" encourages customers to post a picture of the fish they've caught as well as fib about the size. Donating a Billy Bass to the Billy Bass Adoption Wall will get you a free basket of catfish. Flying Fish is also the Golden Local winner for best fish restaurant.

Fish City Grill
Multiple Locations

It all started with a coffee bar in Snider Plaza in Dallas in April 1994. Bill Bayne thought the location would make a great oyster bar along with co-founder Lovett Bayne, and after several name changes; Fish City Grill was born. In 2007 the Dallas Observer voted Fish City Grill's oyster nachos the best. Be sure to stop by on the First Tuesday of each month, Fish City Grill gives 15 percent of that day's sales to an area charity.

Coast Global Seafood
7501 Lone Star Drive, Plano, TX 75024
(972) 265-4722

Don’t expect to see kitschy plastic crabs, a Styrofoam ship's anchor or paper-mâché Mako shark wrapped in fish netting hanging from the ceiling when you walk into Coast Global Seafood. The waiters don’t sing and there's nary a string of Christmas lights in sight. It’s a serene, upscale restaurant that’s global in more ways than one. (Read more about Coast Global Seafood)

Daddy Jack’s (Sundance Location)
353 Throckmorton @ 3rd Fort Worth, TX 76102
(817) 332-2477

Fort Worth press has given props to both Daddy Jack's seafood AND it's steaks -- but you'll have to leave the turf off during Lent. Luckily, the New England theme makes Daddy Jack's chowder, crab, and lobster delicious choices.

Sushi Axiom
Fort Worth and Dallas Locations
(817) 735-9100 or (214) 828-2288

If you'd rather ride out a Friday with no frying involved, try one of Sushi Axioms Signature rolls with fresh salmon, crab and avocado circled by a soy wrap and topped with tuna wasabi cream.

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