Fine. I'll Take The Sooners

Forgive me for not being on the "I think Tim Tebow is God" bandwagon. In fact, if I see one more clip of that overrated speech he gave after the Gators lost to Ole Miss at home I'm going to vomit in my mouth. Is he a good football player? Absolutely. Is the greatest we've ever seen? No. The hype surrounding this guy dates back to high school, because he was featured on ESPN.

Just about every talking head is picking Florida in tonight's national championship game because they don't think the Sooners have an answer for the "unstoppable" Tim Tebow. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Tebow jumped out of plane and flew down onto the field and landed on his feet.

Contrary to popular thought, I'm going with Oklahoma. They've choked in their last four BCS games and I think it's time for "Big Game Bob (OU coach Bob Stoops), to get his Sooners back to the mountain top. Sam Bradford and the Sooners offense is virtually unstoppable, and they'll once again put up their points.

Besides, I'd love to see how the A.P. elitests vote Texas should OU win. A split national championship would be hilarious, and fuel the fire for a playoff.

My fearless prediction: 1) Oklahoma  38    2) Florida  35

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