Find an Intimate Corner at Grace

Some gals can date a man for a decade in the restaurant business that won’t even name a sandwich after them. Restaurateur Adam Jones went a step further and named his 10,000 square foot restaurant after his wife -- Caroline Grace Jones. How charming is that?

Perhaps 12 years pressing palms as a manager at Del Frisco’s gave Jones his delightful approach or maybe he’s just a romantic. He certainly didn’t cut any corners when it came to providing a sexy atmosphere at Grace.

“There are nine corner tables in the restaurant. A lot of the guests like sitting in a corner, especially if you’re on a date. You can still look in each others eyes and enjoy a nice Valentine’s Day meal,” said Jones.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, Grace has a chef known for making a splash in the Dallas dining scene. Executive Chef Blaine Staniford has created a modern American menu at Grace that emphasizes simplicity and seasonal flavors. Staying on trend, the young chef always uses local and organic products when he can.

It’s a difference you can taste. His ‘Wine Me, Dine Me’ menu offers four courses paired with four wines. It’s $40 per person for food only, and $60 per person if food is paired with wine. It’s an ever-changing menu that’s perfect for date night.

“Every single week it changes so we’ve been doing this for over a year now and we’ve never done the same thing twice,” said Staniford as he finished a colorful plate of house-made fettuccine.

Sometimes change is good when it comes to a menu, but when it comes to romance there's nothing like a nice dark corner with your favorite cuddle buddy. And Jones' wife thought about this when the restaurant was still under construction.

“We designed the restaurant with a lot of little intimate corners that lends itself to a more intimate experience, which is not easy to do in such a large space," said Jones.

If you want to romance someone at home, Gourmet Yourself and show off your skills at re-creating one of Chef Staniford's desserts.

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Fort Worth

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