Fill Your iPod For Free, Guilt Free

There are tons of free sites that offer free, legal downloads

So you've got a music player, but what about music? Sure, iTunes might be easy, but the service can have you really racking up the costs if you're not careful. Those of you who are tired of paying $.99 per song might not know it, but there is a load of free, legal music on the Web that you can download if you know where to look. Below are a few of them.

  • Urban Outfitters has a “listen” series of music that they offer for download. New artists have given Urban Outfitters sample tracks to promote their bands. Anywhere from 10 - 21 tracks are available each month. Find it here.
  • Amazon offers over 700 tracks for free, but you won't be able to get them all at once. Once you get to their music section, the free songs are offered on the left lower part of the page. Go to their music section here.
  • Rcrdlbl is a site that promotes struggling new artists and offers a song or two for preview and free download. Most of these artists are struggling new bands that are just trying to get established, or are on small labels.  See it here.
  • Artistdirect is another musician promotion site where musicians have joined to promote their music. Click on the "free stuff" tab at the top, then scroll down and find the free tracks on the right side for preview and download. Check it out here.
  • Go figure -- MTV.COM offers free music, but it's on a hidden download section that is not evident from their main page. No stale 70s music here -- it's all fresh and new.  See it here
  • One of our favorites is Last FM. They offer news, videos, events, concerts, forums, contests, plus quite a few free music downloads. Click here to find it.

While by this is by no means a complete list, hopefully it'll get you started in the right direction for finding gulit-free, legal downloads

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