7 Things You Didn’t Know About Neiman Marcus

Seven lesser-known facts about the original Neiman Marcus.

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1. Neiman Marcus' history is marked by fires. The first store opened in 1907 at the corner of Elm and Murphy, now a parking lot. It was destroyed by a fire in 1913, so the company relocated to Main and Ervay, where it remains today. In 1964, the company experienced another fire—the costliest blaze to date in Dallas—destroying $5 to 10 million of merchandise. Remarkably, the store reopened just 27 days later.
The Feast/Kellyn Curtis
2. Originally, the store was much smaller. The building was initially finished out at four stories, with a foundation for nine. Everyone thought co-founder Herbert Marcus was crazy to think that the small retail store would ever need 9 floors to operate. When escalators were added, Herbert's sister, Carrie, said, "Well, I'll never ride them, nor will any of our good customers."
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3. Ceron Salon and The Zodiac haven't always occupied the 6th floor. Initially, the 6th floor housed a rug boutique and decorating studio run by Syrian immigrant and oil broker Najeeb Elias Halaby. His granddaughter, Lisa Najeeb Halaby, went on to become Queen Noor of Jordan.
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4. A position existed solely for the care of plants. Upon the death of Herbert Marcus, his spouse, Minnie, was named Vice President in charge of horticulture. She supervised the care of 1,800 plants in two stores.
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5. Grace Kelly shopped the bridal department. The downtown store possesses the only Neiman Marcus Bridal Salon in the country. For Grace Kelly's wedding to Prince Rainer in April of 1956, Neiman Marcus outfitted her attendants. Stanley Marcus and his wife attended the wedding in Monaco, where Princess Grace thanked them in person for how beautiful the girls looked.
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6. No other store has marble like Neiman Marcus. Marble imported from Sweden covers the first floor elevator bank. It's the only building in the United States with that particular rock.
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7. The door handles are unique to the flagship. Ignaz Gorischek, Vice President of Store Development, had Neiman Marcus door handles custom made for the store's 90th anniversary. The downtown outpost is the only store that has them.
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