7 Things: Allie Coosh

7 things you didn't know about Allie Coosh.

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Kellyn Curtis/The Feast
1. Wood sculptures are by local artist Cayle Cox. "Initially, I found him when I was remodeling my home. I had this old tree trunk that I wanted to use as a dining room table, and my designer recommended that Cayle build it. I love his wood and metal pieces, so over time we collaborated to bring his work into the store."
Kellyn Curtis/The Feast
2. All design and production takes place across the street. "When I first opened, all production took place in the back of the store. I started really small, and we've expanded over the years. As I needed more retail space, I started looking for a place to put the workshop. About 10 years ago, I decided to rent the upstairs of an office building across the street. It's a high cost production space, but the convenience is totally worth it."
Kellyn Curtis/The Feast
3. The jewelry gallery hasn't always been here. "The jewelry gallery was added in 2000. I had always carried art-inspired jewelry, but after the economy crashed I realized people weren't willing to spend that kind of money on jewelry. I decided to start my own line so that I could offer really interesting pieces at an affordable price point."
Kellyn Curtis/The Feast
4. Gloria is the store's official mascot. "Gloria is a little tree statue I stumbled upon in Oregon. I saw her in a store window and just fell in love with her. She wasn't for sale, but I went in and talked the shop keeps into letting me purchase her. When I saw her, she just seemed to happy with her arms up in the air like that. Gloria was a fitting name."
Kellyn Curtis/The Feast
5. Martsolf's love for rocks stems from her husband. "My husband is a retired paleontologist, so rocks have always been a source of inspiration for my jewelry. I tend to incorporate dinosaur bones, mammoth tusks, ivory and minerals into many pieces."
Kellyn Curtis/The Feast
6. The Swoosh Bar isn't just for drinking. "Our favorite use of the bar is drinking, of course. But when we're not having a glass of wine, our sales lady Caroline Foster makes patterns here."
Kellyn Curtis/The Feast
7. This piece represents Martsolf's hometown in Newfoundland. "I found this ancient work titled The Boat in Santa Fe. This particular piece spoke to me because the center part reminded me of a Newfoundland dory (fishing boat)."
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