Fashionably Dry

We got some key pieces to stay stylish while staying dry

Your weekend plans are likely to see wet weather, but that doesn't mean you'll have to bust out the old yellow poncho to cover up the latest Fall fashions. Here are some key pieces to stay stylish while staying dry.

PARASOL-UTION: Toss that beat-up, fold-up travel umbrella in the garbage and head to for a selection of parasols, vintage umbrellas, and even something chic for the kids. We dig the Signature Bella Pagoda Umbrella in black, but we could be convinced to buy a pink version if we found one, just to complete the Penelope Pitstop look.

CONVERTIBLE COUTURE: Best thing about ponchos is the snapping, zipping, and folding ability to tuck away your rainy day defense into a tiny space. Worst thing about ponchos is the fact it's just a glorified hooded piece of plastic wrapped around your designer duds. Luckily, this raincoat from Laundry by Design gives you the convertible convenience of a poncho with a style that takes the raincoat to the runway.

STILETTO SLIP-ONS: Rain galoshes might make you think of childhood days spent puddle-jumping, but the SWIMS City Slippers will keep your Choo and Dolce clean and dry. Made of flexible rubber, the SWIMS slip-on over your stilettos, providing better traction for your toes -- and the ability to wear those hot heels on a wet day.

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