Michael Young Will Move to Third Base

Well that stand didn't last very long now, did it?

After telling the Texas Rangers that he didn't want to move to third base to make room for Elvis Andrus at shortstop, and then demanding a trade because he was so adamant about not playing third base, I'll bet you'll never guess what Michael Young told the Rangers he'd do Thursday.

That's right, Mr. Young has now completely changed his tune and, not only does he want to stay in Arlington, but he's willing to move to third base as well.

Rangers infielder Michael Young has agreed to move to third base for the 2009 season.

"I was adamant about what I wanted to do," Young said. "Now it's time to put this behind us. My focus is on playing third base for the Rangers and being the best third baseman I can be."

Well that's just great, Michael, I'm happy for you. I'd also like to thank you for waiting until after I spent a few hours writing 1,500 words on what the Rangers could do with you before making this decision -- though as Andrew Johnson pointed out to me, at least he didn't change his mind before I posted the story. On the bright side, it's now been established that I can indeed see into the future since this is exactly what I said would happen in the From the Windup this morning, even if it did happen two months sooner than I thought.

As for what this means for the Rangers, Andrus will now open spring training competing with Joaquin Arias for the shortstop position while Young will play third, Ian Kinsler will man second, and Chris Davis will play first and together they'll all watch Rangers pitching give up home run after home run. Should be fun!

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