Jerry Jones Says Wade Phillips' Job Isn't in Danger, Takes Shot at Jimmy Johnson

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But despite the possibility that the 'Boys could miss the playoffs this year after being favored to rep the NFC in the Super Bowl, Jerry Jones says Phillips' job is safe.

"I don't have any inclination as I stand here, after this ballgame, about any coaching changes. ... And I don't see (coaching) as an issue," he added. "And it's not that fragile. It's just not that fragile."

[...]"You don't think for one minute Bill Parcells Jr. is going to come in here and do any better, do you? He didn't," Owner Jones said. "I don't think (a coaching change) is a cure all. ... Do we want to go to college and get one?"

The response of reporters -- who seem to be pretty feisty this time of year -- at the press conference was to inquire about Jimmy Johnson's success in Dallas. Jones was not, um, really complimentary of Jimmy's overall career.

"But what a price to pay. We were 1-15," he said. "By the way, he went down to Miami and got run on."

Well, that's surprisingly honest, kind of stupidly brutal and entirely unnecessary. Jones must, at this point, realize that some of the embarrassment of this week's loss to the Ravens falls on his shoulders, but even that obvious fact seems a bit too easy to grasp for someone as, uh, humble as Jerry.

On the other hand, what good does dumping Wade do? He's locked in Garrett as the would-be successor, and almost no new coach at this stage could possibly want to come in and not have control over the offensive coordinator. Add in the fact that Garrett's star has lost a little bit of shine recently and it kind of seems like Jones is painted in a corner here -- ride out Wade for a little longer or deal with an embarrassing coaching search that could just end up with Garrett grabbing the reigns anyway.

And certainly the last thing the Cowboys need -- heading into the final week of the season -- is any more unrest. Don't forget, too, that it's entirely possible that Jones changes his mind in the time it takes me to hit "publish."

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