Cowboys Reportedly Having ‘Serious Discussions About Releasing T.O.'

Terrell Owens

Last week, the Dallas Morning News' Jean-Jacques Taylor wrote that the organization faced some serious offseason questions, particularly of the "Do we have anybody on staff who can control T.O.?" variety. The obvious answer is: "Bill Parcells," but I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed (or has it?*)

That said, as MDS pointed out at the time, "We should be clear that Owens is in no way, shape or form similar to [the recently released] Pacman [Jones]. Owens is both a much better player on the field than Pacman and a much better person off the field than Pacman. These are not similar situations."

Couldn't agree more, by the way. I certainly understand why some people find Owens exasperating, particularly fans of the 49ers, Ravens, Eagles and Cowboys. But at the same time, T.O. has never fought his bodyguard in a hotel bathroom, doesn't murder puppies, and somehow avoided threatening to shoot a teammate. He's just a pain in the ass in the locker room.

Whatever your thoughts on Owens, the National Football Post's Mike Lombardi confirms that "I Love Me Some Me"'s tenure in Dallas could be over in short order:

I know the Cowboys are having serious internal discussions about releasing Terrell Owens very soon. Serious discussions. The $3.1-million roster bonus due Owens in March is also adding to the discussions. It may affect the decision that Jason Garrett makes if he is offered a head coaching job.

Assuming it happens, the question then becomes: So, which team will scramble to sign Owens? I suppose that depends on if you think there's a head coach able to handle all the off-field baggage that comes with the on-field production.

Off the top of my head, Tony Sparano and Parcells immediately come to mind. Plus, the Dolphins need a big-play wideout. Of course, the first time Chad Pennington underthrows him by 30 yards, I'd fully expect Owens to lose it.

Jeff Fisher and Tom Coughlin also seem capable of handling the T.O. sideshow, and both the Titans and Giants could use a legit No. 1 wide receiver. And naturally, Bill Belichick. He is a genius, after all. I'll be honest: I don't even want to consider a Patriots offense that trots out a healthy Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker AND Terrell Owens. For what it's worth, neither does Matt Cassel, I'm guessing.

* baseless speculation

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