Family Recipe Becomes A Booming Business

Moni's dressing goes from restaurant to retail

A local restaurant owner is bringing his family’s secret recipe to the masses.

The salad dressing is a big hit at Luigi's restaurant in Frisco, so owner Dritan Saliovski got an idea; why not bottle it and sell it? He decided to call it Moni’s Dressing.

“Moni is the original creator of four tomato vinaigrette, and then kind of passed down a concoction to the rest of the family,” Saliovski said.

He found a manufacturer, and then pitched his product to United Supermarkets. The grocer began carrying it in a few stores, but is now in talks to sell it in all of their Texas stores. Saliovski said bigger chains are starting to pick it up as well.

“We expanded it to vendors like Whole Foods and now you can actually buy our light dressing at Costco stores in all of Texas,” he said.

By the end of the year, he hopes the dressings will be in every store in Texas. To learn more about the Moni’s, click here.

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