Falling For Off The Bone

When our very own Sport’s Director Newy Scruggs told us to check out Off The Bone on South Side on Lamar, we listened.

Suffice to say New Dawg knows his barbeque.

Diner Jim Brisendine eats at Off The Bone often for its “good home grown barbeque.”

In fact, everything is home grown at the family-run restaurant. Their meats and pecan wood used for smoking it is from suppliers not far from Dallas.

“We kind of like pecan because it has a sweeter flavor and is a little smokier than the others,” said owner Dwight Harvey.

Gourmet sides such as Mrs. Harvey's cole slaw with bleu cheese and smoky bacon, American-style potato salad with celery seeds, and a mustard twang satiate hungry guests.

Off The Bone is known for its ribs.

"I just can't believe how the meat just falls off the bone on the ribs. It's the best," said Jody Everson.

First timers are offered a free pork rib so they can get a sweet taste of what to order.


Off The Bone
1734 South Lamar
Dallas, Texas 75215

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