Fall Fashion Necessities

As Autumn begins, we're picking out the Fall fashion pieces you need to have

BLACK BELT IN CINCH FU: Dresses, coats, or tunics you've already stocked your closet with can get a second wind with the simple addition of a wide black belt. We dig the big buckle style of Kimchi Blue's woven buckle stretch belt from Urban Outfitters ($24.99) for this accessory necessity. Let the belt cinch your previous one-piece tops to break up solid colors and prints and show off that waistline.

SCARF-ING IT UP: It's not quite the time to pull out the winter jacket, but it's a great time to add a scarf to your personal Fall collection. Probably inspired by his visit yesterday, we're looking at this Michael Kors rugby stripe scarf at Nordstrom ($78). We prefer the Pearl Heather Grey/Derby color combo -- which Hogwarts House does that put us in?

BLACK, BLACK, BLACK: Nearly every designer can agree, black is the color for this Fall. While you may have a little black dress ready at all times (note: you should!) grabbing a black trench, like this double-breasted one from White House | Black Market ($178), is a necessity for when the temperature drops. Bonus points for this picks' big buttons and cinching sash.

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