Experience Authentic Mediterranean at Mama Pita

Mama Pita infuses Mediterranean flavor into your meal

A North Texas businessman wants you to experience his heritage through his food.

Mama Pita in Plano is introducing Mediterranean style cuisine to the growing area.

“We are a Mediterranean fast casual concept,” says Bechara Harfouche, owner of Mama Pita.

If you’re looking for a cultural culinary experience, Harfouche is your tour guide.

“Mediterranean food comes from different countries all across the Mediterranean Sea. This concept is about putting together all of your favorite dishes from those countries in like a fusion menu,” said Harfouche.

Harfouche started Mama Pita in 2010 after he left his other job in strategy consulting.

Now instead of pushing paper, he’s popularizing food from countries like Egypt, Greece, Lebanon and Turkey.

"I wanted to pursue something that I really love to do,” said Harfouche.

At Mama Pita, customers get their choice of chicken, beef, lamb, a choice of side, salad plus dips ranging from hummus to Baba Ghannouj to two tahinis -- it’s all made fresh everyday.

But shepherding Middle Eastern food to North Texas isn’t easy.

“Bringing Mediterranean food to Plano was actually a great challenge because not everyone knows what the food is about and most of the people have not tried the food before," said Harfouche. "So, the challenge was to create an environment that’s not alienating people away and they can come in and feel welcome with the music, the feel."

The constant traffic is always on Harfouche’s mind.

“That makes me feel anxious and happy at the same time. I’m anxious because I always have this standard that I want to serve everyone as fast as I can because they all are professional people that are working around and want to come in and come out fairly quick. I also want to make sure that they have a great experience,” said Harfouche.

Mama Pita
5800 Legacy Dr. #C6
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