Experience a Time Gone By at Hotel Belmont

Mid-century modern design makes a come back

To stay at the Hotel Belmont is to experience a time gone by.

"We're not your typical hotel chain” explains the hotel's Sales and Marketing Manager Shana Valdez. "We are basically an oasis away from the downtown hullabaloo."

The Belmont's success is rooted in the 1960's. Valdez adds that, "All of the rooms have really unique characteristics. The design is mid-century modern."

That '60s style is making a comeback and making a place like the Belmont more popular.

"We have actually had people have 'Mad Men' parties here -- costume parties. They come out and they dress up. They really love our hotel because it makes them feel they're in that time period," says Valdez.

You can stay in any of the Belmont's 64 rooms ranging from a simple bedroom and bathroom to a series of suites with a tub for two. The larger rooms have living areas, a wet bar and balconies with a breathtaking backdrop of downtown Dallas. "Our skyline view is unrivaled."

Then there's Bar Belmont where you can relax with a Whiskey River. Bartender Brian McCullough calls the atmosphere eclectic. "We are a boutique hotel. We have a really casual attitude about everything here."

Traveler Corey Roberts found the hotel while researching places to stay online, then discovered its culture and booked a room. "I was kind of blown away with the concept of the old style hotels," Roberts said.

Belmont Hotel
901 Fort Worth Avenue
Dallas, TX 75208

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