Evolution Only?

A new survey finds a majority of science professors at Texas' public and private universities are against a state policy requiring weaknesses in the theory of evolution be covered in public school science classes.

The study by the progressive group Texas Freedom Network surveyed 464 university biologists and anthropologists with the help of a sociology professor at the University of Texas at Arlington.

The Dallas Morning News reports 95 percent said schools should teach "just evolution" in covering the origins of life on earth. The rest said children should learn both evolution and the creationist theory called "intelligent design."

Survey results were released ahead of tomorrow's state Board of Education public hearing on new science curriculum standards.

A main topic of discussion is expected to be how teachers should treat Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

New science curriculum standards for Texas public school students will be voted on early next year in what is expected to be a close vote by the state Board of Education.

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