Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

The 2010 Legends of Kung Fu tournament and exhibition brought hundreds of competitors to North Texas from around the world.
Some of the best martial artists in the nation performed over the weekend in Plano Centre. Children and adults of all ages demonstrated various styles of fighting, Chinese kickboxing, and Tai Chi.
"For a Kung Fu event, this is one of the biggest in America, actually, 'cause we have people coming from all over the place," said Jimmy Wong, director of J.K. Wong Academy. "In the past I had a thousand competitors. That's crazy. This place -- 20,000 square feet -- it's like a fish market."
Thousands of spectators attended the two-day event, complete with a lion dance, illuminated dragon dance, Shaolin Temple Monks and masters and grandmasters from around the globe.

Also on display were swords, staffs, spears, and exotic weapons.

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