Essential Guide: Trick or Treat!

If you're going trick or treating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, here's what you need to know

If you're going trick or treating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, here's what you need to know.

Timing is Everything:
Traditional trick or treat time starts as the sun goes down. Our meteorologists expect that to happen around 6:39 p.m. tonight, so plan around then to start ringing doorbells. From our experience, the youngest treaters are first out, followed by the prime 7 to 11-year-old demographics that might last up to 9 p.m. In our neighborhood, lights go out right around 9:30 p.m. but larger subdivisions might last longer.

Trick or Tweet?:
This Halloween is going more social than ever before, judging by what we saw this weekend. Our whole Facebook feed this Saturday exploded into a list of photos of costumes. We'd bet after tonight, you'll have seen nearly every variation of sexy cat, zombie, or Angry Bird. For the most socially savvy trick or treating, try one of these Halloween apps to add to the experience.

The Trick to Apartment Treating:
Our friends with tykes used to bail from apartment complexes to head to the suburban subdivisions and get their treat on from stand-alone houses. But mom blogger Chris Huston told Nonstop Nightly that treating in an apartment complex has its own advantages. Check out this video to see why your little ghouls might want to head to a few complexes instead of a few neighborhoods.

No Plans, No Problem:
If you're not quite into trick or treating, you might want to get out and try to do something new on the pumpkin holiday. We've been combing through loads of spooky activities and put together a list of what to do this Halloween. Check it out to see if there's something more fun than sitting at home and watching Hocus Pocus for the thirteenth time.

Last Chance for Frights:
We'd also suggest focusing on the trick portion if you're in the age group that can treat yourself to candy anytime you want. What kind of trick? The one where you tell yourself you won't scream like a littler girl in one of North Texas' scariest haunted attractions. Check this list to find locations and operating schedules for the last night of fright for most local haunted houses.

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