ESPN Magazine's “Body Issue” Coming Soon

I'll sum up the article you can see on our sports page.

ESPN the Magazine plans to unveil its "Body Issue" on October 19. The issue will feature athletes posing in the buff that will be tastefully done.

What the El!?! Editorial:

It'll be interesting to see who make the issue.

Take a look at this slideshow of Hot Athletes, if you could pick someone (from the slideshow or not) who would you pick?

I don't think people should pick athletes who have already done nude or semi-nude pictorials.  Like forget Beckham, you can find plenty of photos of him in and out of his underwear (if you dare, do a Google image search you'll see what I mean) why not pick someone who's never revealed themselves?!?

Same for Amanda Beard, she did the PETA thing. (pictured above)

If this pictorial is going to be along those lines, why waste it on someone we've seen?

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