Emotional End to Komen 3-Day

Survivors, family and friends join in fight and weekend walk.


It was an emotional fight to the finish for some 2,900 walkers at the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk.

Teams locked arms as they crossed the finish line, some of them overcome with emotion after a 60 mile trek across Dallas, Addison, Farmer's Branch, Richardson and Plano.

"It's the most emotional thing I've experience I've ever had in my life. I'm a survivor myself so this is very empowering," said Tiffany Schwartz, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in February.

Their 3 Day walk began in Plano on Friday. Walkers march about 20 miles a day and are cheered on by family and friends along the way. Many sleep in tents each night until they finish the trek. Each participant raises a minimum of $2,300.

Some of the women carried flags with the words "grandmother" or "best friends," designating who they were walking for.

"My sister walked last year. She walked by herself. She was such an inspiration to me and we had 2 of our aunts that had breast cancer. They survived but it's just an inspiration, an opportunity to do a huge accomplishment," said Cecilia Rodriguez, who had tears in her eyes as she finished the march.

Beyonce's "Survivor" played as participants cheered the last walkers to the finish.

During the closing ceremonies, survivors stood in the center of crowd on a raised platform and joined hands as their family and friends cheered them on.

Each of the participants has their own story but they all have one goal: to help find a cure for breast cancer.

"Just to be able to participate in something that could possibly save other people, help other people," said Schwartz.

This year walkers raised $7.5 million.

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