Eminem Ticked Off At Bruno

He has come forward recently about his story of addiction. But Eminem isn't saying right now whether he was in on the joke apparently pulled on him at last night's MTV Movie Awards.

The big buzz this year was when Sacha Baron Cohen, dressed as his character "Bruno" and wearing an outfit with his rear end mostly exposed, was lowered on a cable right into Eminem's lap.

With his butt near the rapper's face, Baron Cohen asked: "Is the real Slim Shady about to stand up."

Eminem seemed upset by the stunt, storming out of the theater after demanding that Baron Cohen get off him.

It's unclear whether Eminem was really upset or whether it was all for show.

His people weren't talking last night.

What the El!?! Editorial:

I missed the MTV Movie Awards last night, but I watched this segment on YouTube (I would give you a link but MTV keeps taking down the videos)

I have to think he was in on it, especially since the placement of the cameras was perfect to capture Eminem's face perfectly.

Go to MTV.com, Bruno's butt in Eminem's face is in your face!

I sort of wonder how in on it he was, like did he know it would be that grotesque?

It's Bruno, he had to know!!

(Associated Press)

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