El Guapo's Makes Handsome Homemade Mexican Food

Queso Mas Guapo is a cheesy delight

El Guapo’s in Denton offers a traditional atmosphere with authentic Mexican cuisine.

“The culture, I’d say, the way we designed the restaurant was to be an unpretentious type of atmosphere. Somewhere you could come and kick back and kind of blend in with everything,” said owner Michael Zampino.

Just as much thought was put into the design as was the menu.

“If you’ll notice the outside has kind of a Mexican motif to it, if you will. Kind of looks like a little like the Alamo out there. When you enter it the floor has a terracotta look to it like the earth tones. You’ve got green going around which would be the grass. And then of course up in the ceiling we have the dark blue and out there in the main dining area we’ve got the lights being the stars,” said Zampino.

The food is prepared with the same level of detail.

“Probably the number one [dish] would be the Mexican Voo Doo Shrimp, which has a very unique sauce to it. It is almost like a Caribbean flavor to it. It’s got a little curry, cayenne and coriander in it," said Zampino.

"They are bacon wrapped and they are nice plump shrimp and grilled and the sauce is basted on them and is a very unique flavor. You can’t get them anywhere else,” he continues.

Another favorite is the Queso Mas Guapo. It’s the marriage of the El’s Guapo’s famous queso and a few other ingredients. Chefs mix Land of Lakes Golden Velvet cheese with diced tomatoes and jalapenos to make the queso. To turn it into Queso Mas Guapo, chefs add a scoop of homemade taco meat and a scoop of El Guapo’s signature guacamole called “guapamole”.

The restaurant also prides itself on making tortillas in house.

It’s all a part of the service where what they put on the table is as relaxing as where you sit.

El Guapo’s
419 South Elm Street
Denton, TX 76201
(940) 566-5575

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