Eco-Friendly Puppy Chow at Green Pet

Green Pet in the Bishop Arts district in Dallas is an eco-friendly pet store specializing in all natural and raw pet food.

“Whether you come here to have your dog start a new diet or if you just want to come and get a really good quality shampoo we have everything”, said Leslie McKay, owner of Green Pet.

The purpose of putting your dog on an all-natural diet is to promote good health.

“It’s back to their ancestral diet, what they would have eaten in the wild if they were still wolves” says McKay, “the benefits are in everything in their lives, so it’s just like us. We are what we eat, if we eat a better diet we are going to have a higher energy level and we are going to have better organ function”.

McKay also says that some pet owners say food allergies will go away for their pets, and that some see results within a couple of weeks.

The cost of all natural pet food is a little more expensive, though McKay says pricing isn't astronomically higher.

“What we found is that a lot of times it ends up being almost the same price per pound because the food is more nutrient dense” says McKay.

Green Pet offers free consultations as well. If you bring in your pet, McKay will meet with you to discuss the different products and make recommendations.

“You may not want to go and replace all of your animal's products with eco-friendly ones but you can start wherever you want, whether it's to come in and talk about the food you are feeding your animal or if you just want to come in and buy a great bag of treats” McKay said. “You can start at any level”.

Green Pet
315 N. Bishop Ave.
Dallas, TX 75208

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