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East Fort Worth Development Brings Flooding Fears

Developer says it has addressed concerns

A city leader Tuesday called for stopping construction on an East Fort Worth housing development until neighbors get answers about recent flooding, but developers say they have already addressed the issue.

The development is adding more than 400 homes in an area along Cooks Lane north of Interstate 30. Contractors have already cut trees and put in roads.

But with recent rains, homeowners said the area has flooded like never before, pushing tons of dirt, sand and mud onto their property.

“You can’t even see my water meter. It’s two feet under there,” said Mike Canfield, pointing to a mound of dirt near his front gate.

"The problem is getting worse and we're getting all these rains,” said neighbor Mike Dean. “Somebody needs to stop and re-look at it. The city needs to get involved."

City Councilwoman Gyna Bivens, who represents East Fort Worth, said the development should stop at least until existing homeowners get some answers.

"We can't control the rain. We can't stop or start the rain, but we can sure stop people,” Bivens said. “And so we need to pause to make sure the homeowners know what's in store for them, what steps are going to be taken and why."

The developer, LGI Homes, said in a statement that it has already cleaned up most of the mud and installed new safeguards.

“With the two rows of silt fence and the sediment basin now installed, we are confident that if we had this same event today these measures would be sufficient to hold our sediment on site,” the statement said.

Bivens said she planned to organize a meeting to answer homeowners’ concerns.

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