Dress Yourself Thin In 10 Easy Tips

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, but the puffy, post-Christmas bulge that most of us are sporting isn't so special. As we try to erase the holidays from our waist-line in time to look haute for New Years Eve, we've complied a list of the top 10 dress-yourself-thin tips from various celebrities and fashionsitas. However, before we share their expert advice, we feel compelled to offer at least one instantly slimming tip of our own -- get a beautifully sprayed-on tan and whiten your teeth with an at home method. A mani/pedi never hurt either. Because no matter what you're wearing, it can't top the prettifying effects of golden skin, a pearly smile, and the perfect polish.

1. High Heels Are Haute: Glamour magazine's top tip for looking more svelte? Wear a gorgeous pair of heels. They recommend nude heels with dresses to elongate your leg, towering metallic heels with jeans to create a lean line, and scoop-front heels with everything if possible. Of why they prefer a low-cut heel, Glamour says, "Sure it sounds silly, but test out different types of shoes in front of the mirror tonight and you’ll see what we mean. Booties and ankle-strap shoes have a way of making legs look short, while scoop-front pumps and sandals lengthen."

2. Outrageous Outfits, Of Course: Everyone from Heidi Klum to Dolly Parton swears by this trick. After all, if you're wearing feathers, oversized crystals, or a day-glow color no one is bound to notice you've gained five vanity pounds. An added bonus? When you wear something a bit over-the-top, it's an instant mood lifter and goes a long way toward helping you feel fabulous. Klum said of her love for all things loud, "I don't like to blend in. Find something you absolutely love, even if it's crazy, go for it!"

3. Show Off The Girls: Lower necklines are definitely a look-skinny must since they visually narrow your upper body. Harper's Bazaar agrees, saying, "Highlighting your decolletage looks sultry without being too provocative."

4. Take A Trip To The Cape: We can't get enough of great wraps and scarves when we feel a bit fuller figured. Wear one over a sleeveless dress to disguise less than fit arms, and if you're planning on a New Year's vacation, choose a larger version to throw on over swimsuits as a chic coverup. Of how he became cape-obsessed, Andre Leon Talley said, "When I went on America's Next Top Model, I wasn't as thin as some people want me to be. So I said to Ralph Rucci, you've got to come up with a fabulous idea!" We're not sure Talley's signature, over-the-top styles would work on everyone, but any wrap in a beautiful fabric or print is just right for nearly everyone.

5. Magic In Monochromatic: You don't have to begin wearing head-to-toe black the second you find yourself above your ideal weight, but it is wise to think about choosing one color to create the perfect ensemble. Nudes, greys, blues, and white all make beautiful monochromatic combinations. Fashion writer Jamie Jefferson says, "To create the illusion of length, think monochromatic to create a smooth lean line and erase the illusion of bulk."

6. Tailor Your Look: "Anything you wear should be proportioned to your body, and a good tailor can make sure everything fits perfectly. To show off my curves, I like everything very tight at the waist. And shortening the hem line on a dress or skirt can make a huge difference," says famously curvy Kim Kardashian. We agree enthusiastically with her top tip for dressing thinner, and we recommend you be bold when you visit your favorite spot for alterations by asking for exactly what you want, even if your not sure it's possible with the garmet in question. Excellent tailors can often interpret what you want in a way that'll work perfectly for the particular piece you want changed. 

7. Pencil Skirt Perfection: Christina Hendricks va-va-voom figure is surely one of the most talked about of the last few years since her star turn on Mad Men. Of dressing for her body, Hendircks swears by one thing, "I'm a fan of the pencil skirt now. Find the right one that's just tight enough, and it's very sexy." We love a great pencil skirt as well, and since you can buy a great one nearly anywhere at any price point, they're an easy option to pair with sparkly tops or lean, plunging sweaters for an alluring look now.

8. Wear The (Right) Pants: Oh, how we love Tim Gunn! His best advice for playing up your assets? "You and your lower half are always best served by low-rise pants that fall straight from the hip. No tapering and no flare. A straight leg style on a simple, flat front pant is ideal," said Gunn of what he recommends for women of all sizes. And since he's nearly always right, we suggest you listen.

9. Belt It Out: A skinny belt is your new best friend if you've put on a few extra pounds recently. The fashion experts at Stylecaster.com suggest you choose any skinny belt and cinch it at your waistline over flowy tops and dresses or a thin cardigan to achieve an instant hourglass shape.

10. There's Always Spanx: A no-brainer, but we figured it couldn't hurt to be reminded of the ultimate wardrobe secret weapon, Spanx body-slimmers. Our favorite are the Super Higher Power version that extend from just below the bra-line through the thigh.  Even super svelte girls like Gywneth Paltrow swear by their powers, "There are these great things called Spanx, and they just squeeze you in! That's how all the Hollywood girls do it." 

And a final note, from the writer's mother, "You all don't need a whole article about how to dress thinner. Just tell them to wear a nice, conservative blouse and some good jewelry. That's always appropriate."  Perhaps she's right? After all, there must be some reason designer Carolina Herrera has made the perfectly pressed white button down her uniform of choice for so many years.

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