Double the Life of Your Razor

One of the world's leading barbers says there are ways to double the life of your razor.

Master barber Perry Gastis, CEO of the Gentlemens Refinery in Las Vegas, said consumers struggle to find the best razor.

"There are good razors, bad razors, cheap razors, expensive razors," he said.

Renee Winter, of Frisco, said she has cut back on a lot of her expenses, but shaving money off the cost of her razor seemed impossible.

"I feel like I go through razors a lot," she said.

Her five-blade razor costs $11.99 at CVS.

"I like more blades," she said. "I feel more blades work better than two or one."

Gastis said people will save money on a 12-pack of disposable razors, now $3.49 at a local CVS, but he doesn't recommend them.

"It's a harsh blade," he said. "You need to press very hard. It takes layers of skin off."

Gastis recommends the five-blade razor.

"I think this is the finest mass-produced blade made today," he said.

While it's pricier, you can double the life of the blade by using lukewarm water, he said. Hot or cold water warps the blade, he said.

Gastis also recommends leaving the blade in jojoba oil after each shave.

As for the razor sharpeners on the market?

"They just simply don't work," he said. "Don't waste your money."

Gastis visited The Gents Place in Frisco in late January. To ask him questions about your razor, visit:

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