Double-Double Rumor Confirmed Sort Of

Here we go again, there is a rumor floating around North Texas, once again designed to get many of us riled up and raring to go.

In-N-Out burger is expanding to the Lone Star State.

Now before you go out and order your double-double, animal style, consider this, I could honestly say this rumor has been around for about as long as I have lived in Texas 7+ years and counting and I'm still waiting.

Don't get me wrong, I love In-N-Out and it's the first place I go when visiting Las Vegas or Southern California but those of us who love the burgers are sick of wishing, hoping and waiting.

Heck, I spent half of my life on the West Coast and made a point in my teenage years of planning trips to the beach around which In-N-Out burger we would stop at on our way to and from. And in January I spent 24 hours on the road driving from Dallas to Las Vegas and before I reach my mother's home, we stopped for burgers at... you guessed it, In-N-Out.

So here goes, D-Magazine's Side Dish has some pretty good details about the chain coming to North Texas.

The Advocate goes as far to name cities.

On Wednesday an interesting blog showed up in the Dallas Morning News, sort of confirming the In-N-Out rumor.

Leslie Brenner writes she heard from the vice president of planning and development for the burger chain and he said they are looking at a few site opportunities in the market.

Confirmation... sort of.

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