Don't Forget, They're Covering Woodall Rodgers With a Park

KERA's Art&Seek Blog has an in-depth look at the Woodall Rodgers Park that has recently begun construction near the Dallas Arts District -- something that had totally slipped our minds.

For those of you, like us, who forgot what would happen; the new park will sit on top of Woodall Rodgers Freeway (State Spur 366 that connects US-75 to I-35 through Dallas) and create a tunnel for motorists below. On the park above, birds will chirp, grass will grow, children will play, and hopefully the Uptown nightlife and Arts District class will merge into a Voltron-like "night-class." (Wait -- I think that term is taken.)

But, like Jerome Week's post points out, folks may be expecting too much out of WRP:

" public discussions about the future of the Arts District, Woodall Rodges Park is often held up as a cure-all for what ails the district: the lack of pedestrian friendly design, the lack of shade, the lack of appealing outdoor activities, the lack of retail.

We’re cramming into that narrow little stretch a lot of expectations the park may never be able to fulfill."
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In any case, the project is due to significantly change the Dallas urban landscape by 2011, providing the project stays on track.

While utility work is already underway for the "deck park," some construction has been pushed back for up to four months.

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