Do You Believe In Mavericks???

Hopefully you were singing the blog headline to the tune of "do you believe in magic??"

Anyway. The Mavericks have dug themselves a mighty fine hole going into game three Saturday at American Airlines Center. Most "experts" have the Mavs done. Unfortunately, I agree. What we've seen from the first two games of this series is a Denver team that plays faster, stronger, and smarter. That's not a good combination if you still hold hope of winning the series.

Denver now enjoys a six-game win streak over Dallas. The players we spoke to at today's practice believe they can hold serve at the AAC and make this a series again. I think the Mavs will win Saturday. But then the emotion magic stick will run out. Denver is just too good. For selfish reasons I hope Dallas continues to win. Realistically, I think we've gotten the most out of the '08-'09 Mavs, and it will be the off season really soon.

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