Ding Dong! Steak Delivery Comes to Fort Worth

When pizza has lost it's pizazz and you're ready to chuck the Chinese cuisine, maybe ordering from Steak-Out Fire-Grilled Delivery could save you from the ding-dong delivery doldrums.

The steak-for-delivery franchised opened near TCU in late November, the Star-Telegram reports, but it's part of a larger national concept that's been 15 years in the making.

"A lot of people just don’t believe it -- that we’ll deliver a great-tasting steak, cooked as you want it," co-owner Mark Kime told the Star-T.

The concept has us intrigued but skeptical. There have been times we've wanted a Porterhouse in our penthouse, but can the steak stay in it's prime condition after a trek in some 16-year-old's Ford Focus?

Kime says Steak-Out will be able to deliver a hot slice of beef to your door within 30 to 40 minutes of the order -- with no need to reheat. It's a great idea, but we'll have to try it for ourselves before calling the concept "well done."

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