Dine in Style at Al Biernat's

Signature North Dakota Buffalo is long time favorite.

If you like your steak with a side of elegant ambiance there's a chophouse in Dallas ready to take your order.

Al Biernat's has been a signature steakhouse on Oak Lawn for 13 years.

“A friend brought me here years ago and I keep coming back for special occasions or just like a business lunch,” says diner Gail Klaveness.

At Al Biernat’s, the staff hopes dining in feels like home.

“It’s our living room. We want you to feel comfortable,” says General Manager Brad Fuller.

Fuller is the general manager who oversees your entire dining experience inside the restaurant’s Italian influenced interior.

“We feel we’ve built a little bit of a family here with our staff and it’s carried over, you know, into your experience here at the restaurant,” adds Fuller.

Fuller credits the atmosphere to the owner, Al.

“He’s the host of all hosts he’s the nicest, most friendly guy. He’ll remember your name or what table you like, what you had last time you were in, whether that was last week or a year ago” says Fuller.

One of customers’ favorite dishes is the North Dakota Buffalo with grilled vegetables and habanero BBQ sauce.

“People tend to like buffalo because it’s a bit leaner. It’s a little healthier and it has the all natural aspect, of course,” says Fuller

“I had to go with the filet. Can’t go to Al’s and not have a steak," said diner Todd Ruback. "The steak just had great flavor and was very lean and tender. The mashed potatoes were phenomenally whipped and the horseradish you could taste just a little bit, but not too much. So, yeah perfect meal”

Sometimes Ruback enjoys the restaurant’s seafood.

“I’ve had the seafood many times. As fresh as you can find in Dallas absolutely. It’s incomparable. There’s certainly a reason why it has been an icon on Oak Lawn for as long as it has,” adds Ruback.
Al Biernat's

4217 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, TX
(214) 219-2201

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