Save Money on Toys and Clothes, Swap It

One box is filled with cast offs. Another is bursting with incoming hand-me-downs.

"It was such fun when our first box of clothes arrived,"said Jennifer Drummond, mom of two who is tired of paying retail for clothes quickly outgrown.

Drummond has recently discovered a site called It changes the way hand-me-downs are passed around.

Frugal-minded parents can now swap used kids toys and clothes on-line the way neighbors and families do off-line.

Jennifer Drummond and her family recently moved and she noted she no longer enjoyed the benefit of exchanging gently used kids items with neighbors and friends.

"I was searching online and came upon this site that looked interesting for what I needed," she said.

"We have about 50,000 active members in less than a year of operation," said co-founder and CEO James Reinhart.

The site allows parents to post online boxes of items they want to give away, with a detailed description of what is inside. Each box is ideally stuffed with 10 to 15 separate articles.

A parent ordering a box pays $5 plus shipping and handling. The sender receives an email confirmation, prepaid mailing label and a free cardboard box from the Post office to ship.

What if someone doesn't like what they received we asked Reinhart. "We will give them a choice of selecting another box for free," he said. He also made a point of saying that usually doesn't happen because "mommies usually behave very well online."

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