Your Updated 2017 Guide to Shopping for Electricity in Texas

Thanks to Fred and Sharon, I understand I must now update my most-read column of the past 10 years - "Here's the best way to pick an electricity company in Texas."The Watchdog's methods helped Texans find honest companies with low fixed rates. Now I see its continued distribution is a disservice to consumers.Why? Because my suggested strategies were based on honest marketing by electricity companies who burst on the scene after deregulation, and careful oversight by the Public Utility Commission.Neither expectation was met. Electric companies deceive. The Utility Commission (I dropped the 'P' for public because it doesn't care about us) pretends the system works.We heard a moment of honesty last year when then-UC Chairwoman Donna Nelson complained that some electricity companies "always find a way" around her commission's efforts to keep the marketplace honest and transparent."Whatever practice we put in place to try to end the confusion, then they find another way around it," she said.  Continue reading...

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